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Nickel MMC

Elementum 3D's Nickel MMC material is 

currently being  researched. This page

will be updated as quantifiable

findings are established.

Elementum 3D's Nickel MMC Ultra-Material is expected to offer excellent mechanical strength and creep resistance at high temperatures, good surface stability, and corrosion and oxidation resistance. While at the same time maintaining high strength, high hardness and high wear. The development of Nickel MMC will primarily be targeted towards aerospace and and power industry applications such as turbine blades and jet/rocket engines, industrial gas turbines heat exchangers and nuclear components.

NSF Phase IIB funding advances development

Product update 04/01/2019

Phase IIB supplemental funding (awarded in October 2018) will enable faster and wider commercial adoption of components from the RAM nickel superalloy composites developed in Phase II. This NSF supplemental funding, paired with funding from investment and commercial sales, will be used towards developing an understanding of the mechanisms that affect performance variability. This will include developing standardized materials production and processing methods based on results analysis.  Statistical reliability data will be used in part towards development of AMS specification and MMPDS design allowables. The developed production processes and controls will be evaluated and modified for reliability and the documented processes are necessary for a quality control system and later used towards accreditations such as ISO 9001 and AS9100. 

The Phase IIB funding will also enable development of additional applications for new markets including oil and gas. Additionally, the Phase IIB funding will enable development of processing conditions for other commercial AM equipment including larger scale platforms compared to the M290 AM system used for the Phase II development. Therefore, widespread adoption of the newly developed nickel superalloy composite components will be greatly accelerated by the proposed new research and development activities. The development work is encapsulated in a 4-pronged approach comprising development in powder production, statistical reliability, new application development, and extension to other AM platforms.

With this supplemental funding opportunity, we have increased our work on producing nickel superalloy MMC parts from base materials such as 247 LC, René 80, and Inconel 625 and 718. New advanced AM centric designs will also be implemented. This work involves AM centric CAD design at Elementum 3D with collaboration from Frontline Aerospace and process development for printability of these complex designs from our new high operating temperature alloys. Developing suitable designs and materials processing capabilities will include theoretical and modeling approaches in addition to iterative development of designs and processing conditions. This application development is a prohibitive barrier for customers and the NSF TCEP program will enable us to overcome these obstacles to develop a product with commercial partner Frontline Aerospace to address the significant land-based turbine market. If this research is successful, the next steps will be for implementation of the developed product into application trial turbines to evaluate the product performance increase and service life.


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