Elementum 3D now offers pure copper with reliable parameters for additive manufacturing - versatile performance properties with AM design

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Copper is one of the most versatile materials available and is used for applications in every type of industry. The melting point of copper is 1083.4 C. Like gold and silver, copper is malleable. That is, it can be bent and shaped without cracking, when either hot or cold. Its high thermal conductivity is second highest (second only to silver) among pure metals at room temperature and is second only to silver in its ability to conduct electricity.


Industry values copper for not only good conductivity but strength, hardness, ductility, wear and shock, low magnetic permeability and its ability to resistant corrosion, that is, it will not rust.

Pure Copper
(updated 04/26/21)



AMCopper-100 Data Sheets 2021-04-26 FINA


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