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December 2022

2022 Momentum Newsletter
Product Update

Wrapping up 2022 with two in-depth video podcasts


Podcast1AM Voices chats with our Founder and President of Elementum3D, Dr Jacob Nuechterlein and Director of Business Development, Alex Janzen. They speak about current expansion and how our materials aid in the advancement of 3D printed production parts and groundbreaking applications.


  • Rhenium material development (DARPA funded) update
  • Hypersonic – nickel alloys
  • Metal matrix composites – ODS materials
  • Heat exchanger applications
  • NASA to F1 racing and beyond

Podcast2Quintus Technologies’ “Tech Talk” features Jeremy Iten, Chief Technology Officer of Elementum. This video podcast covers our novel Reactive Additive Manufacturing (RAM) technology and the impact it is having on advancing 3D printed metallic structures.


  • Elementum 3D’s patented RAM technology explained
  • Challenges and solutions of printing desirable materials
  • Optimization of traditional AM materials
  • Hot isostatic process (HIP) advantages
  • What’s next?
Team News

Upcoming Events


AMUG – May 19 – 23 | Chicago, IL USA | Booth 56


TMS 2023 Annual Meeting & Exhibition (The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society) – March 19-23, 2023  |  San Diego, California USA  |  Presentation Title: Using analytical solidification models to solve solidification cracking in laser powder bed fusion processed Ni-based alloys


Patrick Callard Chief Marketing Officer

Patrick Callard earned a B.B.A. in advertising from Western Michigan University in 1990. He provides over 30 years of experience in marketing communications, new business development and market outreach.
He has managed multiple marketing projects and budgets for a variety of services and products.

Patrick also successfully grew an IT consulting business from a two-man basement business to a profitable eight employee business in 4-years. Patrick’s daily focus is to unify customer experience, brand purpose, creative communication, and marketing technology to drive the growth of the business.

Tyler Blumenthal

Tyler Blumenthal

Sales Manager, RPM Innovations, Inc.

Tyler’s message will key on blown powder Directed Energy Deposition (L-DED) for AM and repair and why this process is being realized by industry as one of the key pillars in printing thin wall part structures and large part envelope requirements.

Shawn Allan

Shawn Allan

Vice President, Lithoz America, LLC

Shawn will reveal how Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM) is producing high resolution, high performance technical ceramics that can serve a wide range of applications and structural materials, such as alumina, zirconia, and silicon nitride. He will also touch on how LCM has progressed into multi-material components incorporating ceramics and metals.

Jeff Lints

Jeff Lints

Founder/CEO, Fortius Metals, Inc.

Jeff’s presentation will focus on the advances in wire DED, including welding processes for wire DED (arc, laser, and e-beam), next-generation alloys for large format metal 3D printing, and use cases that can benefit from replacing large forgings, replacing large machined billets, and producing advanced tooling — enabling next generation designs.

Dr. Jacob Nuechterlein

President/Founder Elementum 3D

Dr. Jacob Nuechterlein is the founder and president of Elementum 3D in Erie, CO. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy at the Colorado School of Mines. Jacob has been researching, teaching, or consulting on topics such as casting and powder metallurgy for the last 14 years. Elementum 3D’s work with powder bed laser additive manufacturing is based on these principles. In addition, is thesis work in thermodynamics and formation kinetics of metal matrix composites is directly related to all 3D printing processes.