Elementum 3D: at the cutting edge of advanced AM materials

Elementum 3D Product 1 780X470 1

Exclusive interview with Dr. Jacob Nuechterlein, President of Elementum 3D

Achieving high quality, industrial prints is not just up to the 3D printer hardware in question. As all in the industry know, software and, perhaps most crucially, materials play a vital role in the AM process. In fact, the development of 3D printable industrial polymers, metals and other material groups is a key driver in the AM sector—a reality which has not gone unnoticed by Colorado-based Elementum 3D.

Elementum 3D, formerly known as Sinter Print, is an R&D company specializing in the development of advanced metals, composites and ceramics for additive manufacturing applications. The company, which serves the aerospace, defense and other industrial sectors, has brought a range of innovative and high-performance materials to market, including aluminum and copper alloys. The company is also always developing and adapting new materials for AM technologies.

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