Jacob Nuechterlein has always been attracted to finding ways to directly impact lives. This internal need is the driving force behind the conception and perseverance of Elementum 3D (formerly Sinter Print Inc.).


Jacob’s first love was chemistry, and then he saw molten metal being poured…bye bye chemistry. There was something physical and intriguing about metal and it set him on a course to create materials that could revolutionize the future of manufacturing.

Jacob went on to earn his PhD in Powder Material Science at Colorado School of Mines. There he gained the expertise needed to understand the

experiment. The experiment was simply to try his idea to see if it would work. It worked all right, the very first try and astonishingly well. He couldn’t believe it because he was mentally prepared for the exhaustive time it would take to do the research and the many setbacks, but it simply didn’t happen. There are always hurdles and problems that need solving as in any venture, but Jacob knows the ongoing rewards make it all worthwhile.

Now, Jacob is seeing his idea coming to life. People are getting excited about Elementum 3D's ability to expand current metal capabilities, which will directly affect all of our lives by providing safer, stronger and lighter products. The research alone

Jacob's Story

There was something physical and intriguing about metal and it set him on a course to create materials that could revolutionize the future of manufacturing.

advantages and disadvantages of subtractive manufacturing. One day Jacob was mixing particles and casting metal and he had an insightful yet limiting thought, “these amazing processes cannot be commercialized.” Later that day, he and a friend went out for a drink. They ended up talking about life after graduation and different technologies. During their conversation about layered additive manufacturing (3D printing), the seed was planted inside Jacob’s head.


The concept that evolved was to merge the unique capabilities of powder material science and the layer-by-layer control offered by 3D printing. The idea tumbled around in Jacob’s head for a while until he decided to reach out to a lifelong mentor. As Jacob’s 8th grade teacher, his mentor inspired him to love science and ingrained in him the importance of being innovative. His mentor responded to his idea by suggesting that if he’s really interested in starting something, he should jump in with both feet. Jacob didn’t hesitate. Jacob knew that he would be experiencing those first time stresses and the fear of the unknown as he attempted the first Elementum 3D

has opened many windows of opportunity. In fact, the research has eased the resistance that a small company usually encounters and has helped create partnerships and build interest to keep Jacob’s idea alive.


Jacob hasn’t done it alone. Adapting to the speed of business isn’t accomplished by one, but by many. The support from existing relationships like family, friends and business mentors is crucial at the beginning, but he knew true success would come from being open to new relationships. His connection with each employee has been instrumental in pushing Elementum 3D to a higher level. Jacob is always quick to point out that they know how to pull their own weight and believe in the direction of the company 100 percent. 


Looking back, Jacob understands that there are some decisions that could have been made differently, but he fully believes in the power of looking forward. Elementum 3D has continued to progress at an amazing rate and everyone involved is excited to continue the wild ride.


Elementum 3D is always interested in your feedback, whether it's about the metal additive manufacturing industry or interest in our unique technology and materials. So, feel free to reach out to us at any time and we will respond to your message within 24-hours.​

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