Metal 3D printing now fastest-growing segment of AM industry, report finds

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According to a market research report from IDTechEx, metal 3D printing is the fastest-growing segment of the additive manufacturing industry, with printer sales growing at 48% and material sales growing at 32%. Data for the report was gathered over the course of several years.

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Even if you happen to be the biggest bedroom 3D printing enthusiast, chances are you don’t own a metal 3D printer. After all, SLM, SLS, and DMLS machines tend to be huge, difficult to operate, and incredibly expensive. But while plastic FDM 3D printers dominate the consumer 3D printer market, experts are saying that the 3D printing of metals is now far and away the most important segment of the additive manufacturing industry going into the future. With information gathered over many years, a report from IDTechEx analysts shows metal 3D printer sales to be growing at 48% and materials sales at 32%.