NASA selects Elementum 3D for partnership to mature RAMFIRE technology for space exploration

November 09, 2020

On November 9, 2020, NASA announced the U.S. companies selected for partnership through their Announcement of Collaboration Opportunity (ACO) program. Elementum 3D, a developer and supplier of groundbreaking metal additive manufacturing (AM) materials, was chosen as one of 17 companies to work with NASA centers across the country to rapidly mature space technologies for the Moon and beyond.


Elementum 3D’s Reactive Additive Manufacturing for Fourth Industrial Revolution Exploration-vehicles (RAMFIRE) partnership will use RAM aluminum powders (A6061-RAM2 and A1000-RAM10) with blown powder directed energy deposition (DED) to increase performance and reduce cost for large-scale complex rocket components and launch structures. Elementum 3D Materials Scientist, Dr. Anthony Manerbino, championed the RAMFIRE proposal, which was developed to advance high-performance aluminum alloys for large-scale additive manufacturing for space applications.


“Our goal is to use this program to spearhead use of high-performance RAM aluminum alloys for large-scale additive manufacturing with NASA, AFRL, and commercial space companies. These alloys combined with large-scale DED manufacturing will advance capabilities for space applications as well as other applications for aerospace, automotive and industry. We look forward to working with NASA Marshall and our commercial partners to mature this technology and help enable our return to the Moon and beyond.” said Dr. Manerbino.


The NASA ACO program partnerships were competitively selected from proposals relevant to technology topic areas including cryogenic fluid management and propulsion; advanced propulsion; sustainable power; in-situ propellant and consumable production; intelligent/resilient systems and advanced robotics; advanced materials and structures; entry, descent, and landing; and small spacecraft technologies. The selections will result in unfunded Space Act Agreements between the companies and NASA.


By working together, NASA and Elementum 3D will mature innovative materials and processing technology to advance our space capabilities. Future benefits will be realized through the development of a robust commercial space ecosystem made up of technologically advanced companies, ranging from small businesses to large aerospace companies, all working towards a common goal – discovering the wonders of space.

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