Tantalum Hip Cup Replacement - As Printed


Tantalum has a unique property combination of high ductility, superior biocompatibility as well as having a high melting point and being the most corrosion-resistant metal in common use today.

Tantalum (High-strength, ductile and corrosion resistant)

Product Information

Elementum 3D’s pure tantalum material is a high strength, heavy, and hard refractory metal with excellent ductility. At temperatures below 302°F (150°C), it is nearly completely immune to chemical attack. Tantalum applications are typically found in aerospace, medical, nuclear and electrical industries.


Physical and Chemical Properties

Material composition: Ta

Printed density: 16.48-16.6 g/cc

Relative density:  99%

Ultimate tensile strength[1]: 89-95 ksi (613-655 MPa)

Yield strength[1]: 85-88 ksi (588-603 MPa)

Elongation[1]: 33-37%

Hardness: 34-36 HRB

[1]ASTM E8

All details given above are our current knowledge and experience, and are dependent on the equipment, parameters and operating conditions. The data provided in this document is subject to change and only intended as general information on a material set that is continually improving and developing. The data does not provide a sufficient basis for engineering parts. All samples were produced on an EOS M290. All tensile tests were performed at third party certified test labs such as Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research.


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Ta Hip Replacement

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Elementum3D is on the cutting edge of high performing tantalum alloy additive manufacturing gas-atomized powders.

AM Powder Research & Development Services

Our team of additive manufacturing materials experts also provides materials and application development guidance for our customers. We are now testing new varieties of tantalum powders.