Tungsten Collimator - Used For Spectroscopy


Elementum 3D’s high-performance Tungsten material is currently being researched.

This page will be updated once we have established quantifiable findings.

Others have spent 3-4 years in development, we had parts others could only dream about in a week.

Tungsten is the hardest pure metal and has the highest melting point of all metals (3,422± 15°C). It has the highest tensile strength at temperatures above 1650°C. Tungsten is also among the heaviest metals. Its electrical conductivity at 0°C is about 28% of that of silver and its coefficient of thermal expansion is the lowest of all metals.

Tungsten features the lowest vapour pressure of all metals, very high moduli of compression and elasticity, very high thermal creep resistance and high thermal and electrical conductivity. Tungsten is the most important metal for thermo-emission applications, not only because of its high electron emissivity but also because of its high thermal and chemical stability.

Additionally, tungsten does not oxidise in air and needs no protection from oxidation at elevated temperatures. Its corrosion resistance is excellent, and it is not attacked by nitric, hydrofluoric, or sulphuric acid solutions.

Elementum3D is on the cutting edge of high performing tungsten additive manufacturing gas-atomized powders.

AM Powder Research & Development Services

Our team of additive manufacturing materials experts also provides materials and application development guidance for our customers. We are now testing new varieties of tungsten alloy powders.