March 2019

2019 Momentum Newsletter
Product Update

Joint Steel MMC STTR grant awarded

Elementum (E3D) and the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) have accepted a joint STTR for research into the creation of an easy to use all-purpose reusable iron-based alloy for additive manufacturing. The kick off meeting between E3D and CSM was conducted on January 21, 2019. The three goals for the 6-month joint research project include: (1) Implementation of calculated phase diagram (CALPHAD) methods coupled with machine learning to predict printability and properties for a range of compositions; (2) optimization of powder composition, particle size, and morphology for environmental stability with experimental testing of powder exposed to hot and humid conditions; and (3) printing of components of the new candidate alloys to evaluate residual internal stresses, relative density, and properties.

Candidate compositions were evaluated and promising compositions were selected around the 316L stainless steel composition specification range. Corrosion resistant materials were favored for this selection purpose since the Army has already had some success in adopting non-corrosion resistant steels for AM such as AF96. CALPHAD software (Thermo-Calc) was used to examine compositional effects on the equilibrium phase fractions, the temper range between the solidus and liquidus (mushy zone), and the temperature change for the appearance of equilibrium ferrite secondary phase. Experimental testing with printed specimens will begin soon.

Just over two months into the joint research, there has already been positive results with identification of promising alloy specifications for improved printability. Furthermore, Elementum 3D’s research and testing of new 316L and 17-4 PH stainless steel based composites has proven to be instrumental in providing a frame work for development of these new military grade alloys.

NSF Phase IIB Inconel Superalloy funding advances development


Phase IIB supplemental funding (awarded in October 2018) will enable faster and wider commercial adoption of components from the RAM nickel superalloy composites developed in Phase II. This NSF supplemental funding, paired with funding from investment and commercial sales, will be used towards developing an understanding of the mechanisms that affect performance variability.  This will include developing standardized materials production and processing methods based on results analysis. Statistical reliability data will be used in part towards development of AMS specification and MMPDS design allowables. The developed production processes and controls will be evaluated and modified for reliability and the documented processes are necessary for a quality control system and later used towards accreditations such as ISO 9001 and AS9100. READ MORE

Team News

Elementum 3D corporate office is moving…next door!


On April 1, 2019, Elementum 3D’s address will be 400 Young Court, Unit 1, Erie Colorado. The newly leased office space is approximately 10,000 square feet. If our new address looks familiar, it’s because we are moving to the building across the street from our current location. We are excited for this facility upgrade because it provides additional space and a robust infrastructure to support our passion for bringing new AM materials and technologies to market. Most of all, the move makes it possible to extend our ability to help current and future customers take their innovations to production.

Getting to know Elementum 3D newest teammates

Am Industry News

Meet our team and learn more about how and why we are passionate about developing superior metal-based materials and parameters for additive manufacturing.

All are welcome to drop by our Erie, Colorado facility on the second Friday of any month from      4 – 6 pm.


March 31-April 4 AMUG Conference: Chicago IL, Salon B, Booth 4

April 8-11 35th Space Symposium: Colorado Springs CO, Booth 1011

May 21 – 23 RAPID: Detroit MI, Booth 1057 

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