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Advanced Metals

Elementum 3D's materials technology will be used for additive manufacturing applications to produce advanced metal alloys that meet challenging performance requirements. Possible applications range from biomedical to structural to aerospace.


  • Shape memory, superelastic, and superplastic alloys

  • High-strength and high specific strength alloys

  • Hard and wear resistant alloys

  • Corrosion resistant alloys

Advanced Ceramics

Elementum 3D's innovative technology allows 3D printing of advanced ceramic materials without the need to fire them after printing. High-performance ceramics composed of carbides, borides, oxides and nitrides can be printed with properties including wear, corrosion, temperature, and oxidation resistance. Possible applications include:


  • Wear resistant parts

  • Cutting tools

  • Armor

  • High-temperature and oxidation resistant refractory components 

  • Aerospace applications

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Advanced Composites

Products made of advanced composite materials can be produced by additive manufacturing using Elementum 3D's materials technology. Elementum 3D is focused on developing source materials for metal matrix composites (MMCs) and ceramic-metal composites (cermets).



MMCs are materials having a continuous metal matrix and one more reinforcing phases. MMCs are able to deliver a combination of properties that benefits from the ductility and toughness of metals and the strength, hardness, and wear resistance of the reinforcing phases. MMCs are of particularly high interest for parts requiring high strength and light weight including aerospace, automotive, and military applications.  


Cermets have ceramic primary phase with a metal binder. Cermets are able to retain most of the hardness, stiffness, and strength of the ceramic phase with improved toughness from the addition of a metal binder. Tungsten carbide - cobalt is a familiar example of a cermet. Cermets can be used for applications including wear resistant parts, cutting tools, armor, bio-implants, seals, and aerospace.


for the next advancement in materials technology is the driving force behind our continued development of specialized metal additive manufacturing materials. Elementum 3D is committed to meeting our customers unique needs by introducing Ultra-Materials to additive manufacturing. Our Ultra-Materials can be used to manufacture high performance products that demand extreme durability or lightweight and high-strength solutions or other unique requirements. They are able to withstand high-loads, are highly conductive, and resistant to abrasion, heat, oxidation, and corrosion.


Ultra-Materials are created to utilize the DMLS process and are rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

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AM Materials


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